Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Week 24 weigh-in

Down another 0.9kg :D I wasn't expecting to have lost much at all so that was a nice surprise. God I'm tired, hope I'm not coming down with the lurgi that hubby's had, I don't have TIME to be sick!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Back in the teens...

...again :P Week 23 saw a loss of 0.5kg and this week (week 24) I managed a 0.9kg loss which has me passing my 15kg mini-goal for the 3rd time. Somehow it's just not as exciting as the first time LOL. My very wonderful hubby has ordered me a laptop and I've told him he can hold it hostage till I hit my 20kg mini-goal, 4.4kg to go :)

I went to a fancy dress karaoke party on Saturday night, the theme was Rock! so this seemed the appropriate costume choice.
Hubby went with a Spinal Tap look.
And much fun was had with my corset :P

There was singing, loud, drunken and everything from amazingly good to truly terrible singing and I think I was responsible for rather more than my fair share of the latter. Among the songs I murdered (with help from friends, no solo performances for me!) were Khe Sanh, Jack & Diane, Paradise by the Dashboard Light, Just the Way You Are, American Pie, One Way Or Another, Summer of 69...I have a horrible feeling there were more but there were also many black russians so the memory is a little fuzzy!

Tomorrow night is bowling with the Browncoats, wOOt! Life is good:D