Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Feeling much better today - week 15 weigh-in

I had some degree of reluctance to go to my meeting this morning, but I'd promised myself when I started that hell or high water I would not miss meetings, so off I went and copped the 1kg gain on the chin. Strangely, I now feel quite calm and in control again, I must have done all the agonising over my erring ways beforehand, weighing-in seems to have pushed some kind of re-set button in my brain so all that matters is what comes next, not what happened last week.

Exercise this week:
Tues: 45 min treadmill 4km
Wed: nil
Thurs: nil
Fri: nil
Sat: nil
Sun: 45 min treadmill 3.6km, WW Move DVD workout
Mon: nil

Monday, May 29, 2006


Turns out being sick makes my brain fall out. What the hell was I thinking? Friday, Saturday and Sunday were total disasters as far as eating goes and the only part I really enjoyed was the scones with jam and King Island cream on Saturday, mmmmm... What was I saying? Oh yes - food, too much and bad choices all round :( I forced myself to walk on Sunday morning in the hope that it would give me a bit of a boost out of the slump, I'm glad I did it but it doesn't seem to have helped much.

I guess I'll just have to take the time to get well, do my best to minimise the damage and be ready to get back into things properly when I'm over the lurgi.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Soup is good

I've managed to make up yesterday's debt through the judicious use of points free soup for dinner, I'd pantry picked my way through my points during the afternoon on account of feeling miserable but still having to do the parenting thing. The vegetable and barley soup did duty as lunch AND afternoon tea and was delish! And now I am going to bed with tea and a good book and dumping the parenting duties on my long suffering and most wonderful husband (he says I've forgotten handsome, he's reading over my shoulder as I type). Life ain't so bad really :)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Why is it kids won't share toys...

...but are more than happy to share their lurgies? I had David (aged 9) home from school Monday and Tuesday with a horribubble cold and this afternoon it became apparent that he has generously shared it with me :( My head is thumping, my throat is sore, and my sinuses are nicely blocked. No walkies for me today, I'm going to bed with some lemon tea.

Went a little over on points today, using up yesterday's saved point and going into debt 1 1/2 for tomorrow, that should be easy enough to make up. I've cooked a huge batch of the Vegetable and Barley soup from The Really Contented Tummy Cookbook - 16 serves! My serving size seems to be smaller than the book's so it works out at 1 point per serve, I've only had cooking tastes so far but it promises to be scrumptious!

I had a small FLYing triumph today. Usually when I'm in and out of the house all day I tend to look on the 20 - 30 minute blocks of time when I'm home as not long enough to do anything. Today I had a little voice saying "15 minutes" in my head, so I decided to see what I could do. In two 20 minute sessions I transformed my hideously messy kitchen into a merely slightly untidy but clean kitchen. I'm so glad I did it early in the day 'cause there's no way I could have faced it after the lurgi hit this afternoon.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

And at the end of the day...

I've saved 1 point, done some walking and when the urge to raid the pantry reared its ugly head while I was cooking dinner and then again just after the kids had gone to bed I clobbered it on the nut with my will of iron and consequently am feeling slightly smug about the whole deal. I shall report in again tomorrow :)

Week 14 weigh-in.

Ahhhh, crap :P Guess what happens when you eat large quantities of chips and cheese and salami and chocolate and...(you get the idea)? Got myself a gain of 0.6kg this week, I am consoled by the fact that I know I am wearing 0.5kg extra in shoes today than I was last week, so not nearly as bad as it could have been. Back on the program today, I might try daily blogging to keep myself honest in the coming week.

Exercise this week:
Tues: nil
Wed: nil
Thurs: 90 min treadmill 8km
Fri: nil
Sat: nil
Sun: WW Move DVD workout
Mon: nil

*grimace* and there was the notable lack of exercise too...

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Picnic at Bicentennial Park

Had lunch today with a lovely bunch of women, and a couple of brave blokes ;-), it was great to meet up with everyone! Many thanks to my darling man for amusing the kids while I sat and chatted.

In the pic, from the left, are Lorries, me, Jessmac, Aempson, Kerryh and Blownupdoll. Jessmac's and my other halves were doing the photo taking :)

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Milestone pics

Here I am! :D The size 22 pants I'm wearing (down from size 26 when I started WW) were skin tight around the bum not all that long ago, now there's discernable bagginess and no doubt there will shortly be a need for a belt!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Week 13 weigh-in

Well folks, today I have to report the somewhat unexpected result of a 2.8kg loss!!!!

That's my 10% reached and powering on through I've also passed my 15kg mini-goal bringing me to a total of 15.6kg lost.

Yep, life is good :)
I have my new shoes and I will be getting my Angel Season 5 DVDs as soon as I figure out where the money is going to come from :P

Exercise this week:
Tues: nil
Wed: 50min treadmill 4.7km, 40 min WW Exercise Sucess DVD (warm up, tummy time, fit strip workout and cool down) 50 min treadmill 4.2km
Thurs: 45min treadmill 4.1km
Fri: nil
Sat: nil
Sun: nil
Mon: 45 min treadmill 4.2km, Move DVD Total body workout, 15 min abs, 50 min treadmill 4.6km

Thursday, May 11, 2006

So far so good

Yep, all is going according to plan! Tuesday and Wednesday were spot on for points and on Wednesday I embarked on a mighty struggle with myself to actually get up off my bum and exercise. I got dressed in my walking clothes before taking the kids to school with the intention of coming home and walking straight away...3 hours later I was finally on the treadmill :P It was a tough battle but I WON! :) I then surprised myself later in the day by doing about 40 minutes of the Weight Watchers Exercise Success DVD and a second walking session - it never rains but it pours.

I also had the rather wonderful experience yesterday afternoon of having David take it upon himself to help his sister with her maths homework while I was doing the exercise DVD. The really cool bit was that he was doing a fantastic job of explaining it to her and was actually helping her work things out for herself rather than just telling her the answer :D Sometimes I quite like my kids!

Today I have shined my sink and dealt with Mt Washmore so all round I'm feeling pretty good about life (thanks are due to my mum who helped out with the housework - best mum ever).

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Week 12 weigh-in

Erm...I, uh, gained 0.2kg this week. Which would be because I didn't exercise, didn't track and did eat all sorts of things I really shouldn't have. And I knew I was doing it and I felt really crappy and now I have to lose 0.7kg to get to my 10% and the new shoes that I actually really NEED! All I have for winter is my sneakers. So I shall be working my butt off this week, no excuses!

Exercise this week:
Tues: nil
Wed: 45 min treadmill 4km
Thurs: nil
Fri: nil
Sat: nil
Sun: 45min (6min @ 10 incline) treadmill 4km
Mon: nil

Wonder why this isn't really bothering me? Must be because I know exactly what went wrong and therefore what I need to do to fix it. I was saying to one of the ladies at my meeting this morning that there's really only one decision that needs to be made, and that's to get back to tracking, everything else follows on from that.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Jewel and Jonathon!!!

I went to The Hub Convention on Saturday, I hadn't planned to go as I'd decided I couldn't afford the time or the money but when last minute $20 tickets for the Saturday went on sale I gave in to temptation :) I was pretty broke though so I couldn't fork out for photos with the guests or autographs...ah well, you can't have everything.

Here's the schedule from the day:

9.30am Registration
10.00am Welcome
10.15am Nicola Scott - comic book artist for Angel comic "Spotlight on Illyria"
11.00am RD Price - Director on Angel
12.00 Photo's/Lunch
1.00pm Jonathan Woodward - guest star in Buffy, Angel and Firefly
2.00pm Auction
2.30pm Jewel Staite - Kaylee from Firefly
3.30pm Screenings/Autographs
4.30pm Workshop - Writing/directing workshop with R.D. Price

Nicola was lovely and I found her really interesting, her story of how she managed to break into the comic book industry was quite inspiring. I haven't bought comics in years but I'm starting to think I might explore some of the current crop.

R.D. had some good behind the scenes stories to tell, sadly his workshop was cut short as we were out of time - so he came and had coffee in the restaurant across the road in order to continue talking to people - SUCH a nice bloke!

Jonathon was hysterical, and cute! He's such a clown and had us all in tears of laughter. I didn't take many photos myself but of the few I took here is my favourite - Jonathon responding to a request for a contribution to the "Tightpants" thread on Serenity Oz.

And here is the pic that was being taken OMG!!!!

For more photos and generalised fan-type squeeing go here :)

This evening a number of my friends wound up going to the pub with RD and Jonathon once the convention schedule for the day was done - woe is me with the no money and the family responsibilities :( For the next one I will make the time and save the money - I've got till October I believe!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mini Goals for the Merry Month of May

For this month I want to:

1) Get to my 10% - only 0.5kg to go!
2) Leave the 120's behind forever
3) Do 3 weights/resistance training sessions per week
4) Go to bed earlier! No more 2:00am bedtimes :P

That last one comes about because last month I joined Flylady and I really like the idea of focusing on one new habit a month. April's new habit was making the bed, May's is to move for 15 minutes a day. Well, I think I've already got that one well in hand so I decided to pick another one to work on and bedtime it is! On which note I will take myself off to snoozeland, 11:00pm is my new curfew :)

Week 11 weigh-in

Said goodbye to another 0.9kg this morning, only 0.5kg to go till my 10% now! I had lots of people saying nice things about how I'm looking when I dropped the kids off at school this morning - they'd been 2 weeks without seeing me and they all said they could really see a difference, I'm loving it :)

Exercise this week:
Tues: 50min (30@7inc) treadmill 4.7km, 50min treadmill 4km
Wed: nil
Thurs: 50min (30@7inc) treadmill 4.6km, 30 min weights upper body, 15min abs, WW Move DVD workout
Fri: 60 min treadmill 5.3km, Special K pilates DVD
Sat: 30min treadmill 2.8km, 15mins abs
Sun: 90min treadmill 8.2km, WW Move DVD workout
Mon: 45 min treadmill 3.9km, 40 min walk with Mum and kids

I really want to get more weight training into my exercise, must come up with plan to motivate myself hmmm....

Monday, May 01, 2006

Busy weekend!

Let's see, what have I been up to lately....

Oh yes! Shindiging with the Browncoats of course :D

Saturday was lunch at the Lowenbrau, here's a pic of the meal hubby and I did NOT order! (I had the salmon :P)
After lunch we wandered around the markets at the Rocks for a while then I drove hubby and the kids home to a chorus of snores from Adam and Tom and constant bickering from David and Caitlin *grrrrr* We had dinner and then I went back to the city to re-join the Browncoats at the Orient. Where silly faces were the order of the day...

From the Orient we continued on to the Paragon for the playing of pool where we did our best to distract the boys :)

On Sunday we met up for Yum Cha at Pitt St Vegetarian, the yin to Lowenbrau's yang.

We parted company after Yum Cha, the Browncoats went on to join the Zombie Lurch and we went off to meet up with some of my extended family for afternoon tea - where I drank tea and did not partake in cake or gelato!

I wish we'd taken the time to see the start of the Zombie Lurch, the pics look great! Have a look at these :)

Today Tom was back at pre-school and I had a quiet day at home with the other two. We went to my Mum's place for afternoon tea and a went for a walk, showed the kids where I went to primary school. After which I was feeling a bit worse for wear and decided to get KFC for the kids intending to have soup for myself...15.5 points later I'm feeling a bit queasy, oh well, never mind :P I'll walk it off tomorrow!