Sunday, May 07, 2006

Jewel and Jonathon!!!

I went to The Hub Convention on Saturday, I hadn't planned to go as I'd decided I couldn't afford the time or the money but when last minute $20 tickets for the Saturday went on sale I gave in to temptation :) I was pretty broke though so I couldn't fork out for photos with the guests or autographs...ah well, you can't have everything.

Here's the schedule from the day:

9.30am Registration
10.00am Welcome
10.15am Nicola Scott - comic book artist for Angel comic "Spotlight on Illyria"
11.00am RD Price - Director on Angel
12.00 Photo's/Lunch
1.00pm Jonathan Woodward - guest star in Buffy, Angel and Firefly
2.00pm Auction
2.30pm Jewel Staite - Kaylee from Firefly
3.30pm Screenings/Autographs
4.30pm Workshop - Writing/directing workshop with R.D. Price

Nicola was lovely and I found her really interesting, her story of how she managed to break into the comic book industry was quite inspiring. I haven't bought comics in years but I'm starting to think I might explore some of the current crop.

R.D. had some good behind the scenes stories to tell, sadly his workshop was cut short as we were out of time - so he came and had coffee in the restaurant across the road in order to continue talking to people - SUCH a nice bloke!

Jonathon was hysterical, and cute! He's such a clown and had us all in tears of laughter. I didn't take many photos myself but of the few I took here is my favourite - Jonathon responding to a request for a contribution to the "Tightpants" thread on Serenity Oz.

And here is the pic that was being taken OMG!!!!

For more photos and generalised fan-type squeeing go here :)

This evening a number of my friends wound up going to the pub with RD and Jonathon once the convention schedule for the day was done - woe is me with the no money and the family responsibilities :( For the next one I will make the time and save the money - I've got till October I believe!

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Jami said...

What a cool convention! I'm such a Buffy, Angel (drool!) & Firefly fan! :-D