Monday, May 29, 2006


Turns out being sick makes my brain fall out. What the hell was I thinking? Friday, Saturday and Sunday were total disasters as far as eating goes and the only part I really enjoyed was the scones with jam and King Island cream on Saturday, mmmmm... What was I saying? Oh yes - food, too much and bad choices all round :( I forced myself to walk on Sunday morning in the hope that it would give me a bit of a boost out of the slump, I'm glad I did it but it doesn't seem to have helped much.

I guess I'll just have to take the time to get well, do my best to minimise the damage and be ready to get back into things properly when I'm over the lurgi.


Mim Crase aka Aku Kodogo said...

How fantastic is your 15 kg loss!!! that is wonderously great. Hardly any time at all and that little 'ol boat will be down the gurgler, or should I snuffle and say 'lurgy'? Chuckle snort I'm so clever on a MOnday night.
Mim on the rim

Rae said...

it's ok mim *sniff* it's not the end of the *snuffle* world, cos all these buggy sickness *sniff* things do go away and then *snuffle* life goes on!!

(by the way, the *sniffs* and *snuffles* are real, i am sick to and i know how you feel!)

but for the first time ever i am not letting the brain fog take over. but it's the first time. i have done your way many times, what i am trying to say (but keep snuffleing and confusing myself!) is that there is HOPE and i know you will pick yourself and keep going and next time will be different!
virtual *HUG* (cos a real one would be back germs right now!)
Rae :)

Jami said...

Dreaded lurgi's don't help at all when trying to make good food choices - I'm impressed that you even thought to go for a walk feeling grotty!