Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mini Goals for the Merry Month of May

For this month I want to:

1) Get to my 10% - only 0.5kg to go!
2) Leave the 120's behind forever
3) Do 3 weights/resistance training sessions per week
4) Go to bed earlier! No more 2:00am bedtimes :P

That last one comes about because last month I joined Flylady and I really like the idea of focusing on one new habit a month. April's new habit was making the bed, May's is to move for 15 minutes a day. Well, I think I've already got that one well in hand so I decided to pick another one to work on and bedtime it is! On which note I will take myself off to snoozeland, 11:00pm is my new curfew :)


cadillac said...

mim i am going to join you in your early nights!

well not join you JOIN YOU... that'd be weird (and my boyfriend would be sad), but i too will endeavour to go to bed early. and actually sleep. no work or tv.

your exercise is amazing. you are killing it! i can't wait until you get your 10%!!


Unknown said...

Hey Mim,

Have you seen this piece of Joss Whedon goodness?

It's hysterical!