Saturday, May 20, 2006

Milestone pics

Here I am! :D The size 22 pants I'm wearing (down from size 26 when I started WW) were skin tight around the bum not all that long ago, now there's discernable bagginess and no doubt there will shortly be a need for a belt!


stevierose said...

woohoooo mim
you are looking absolutely marvelous, i can see such a big difference, you look younger, and are just beautiful
well done on your loss xxx

Gail said...

Good on you Mim, you look such a gorgeous happy person.
Wow what is your secret? You are having some fantastic losses. Wishing you all the very best for the future.

Nicole said...

Hey Mim,

We are at such similar weights and parts of our journey, and because you are looking so fabulous it must mean we are both looking great :)!!!

I always appreciate your comments on my blog and I really enjoy reading about your sucess. I lost 2.4kgs last week to power through my 15kgs but followed it up with a 0.1kg loss (what a teeny loss LOL). So do better than me next week wont you :)


Anonymous said...

just wanted to say how good it was to read your blog and know that i can do it too, I am a similiar starting weight to you (my first week this week), also want to move from a size 26, and am aimimg for a more comfortable weight in september when i head overseas (hence my username) I will continue to follow your blog, to keep me inspired and motivated , thanks !!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, wow, WOW Mim!!
I'm SO glad you posted updated piccies! You really are looking amazing. You can see your huge weightloss. I love the side profile - you really are slimming down. And those pants really are baggy - you can see the fabric all hanging in folds off you! You are looking just GORGEOUS and I love the big smile. You are so beautiful and such an inspiration. Keep up the great work.

Jami said...

Blimey, how gorgeous do you look!! You must be so chuffed with how well you've been doing :-D