Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Does marathon reading count?

Because I spent a good part of the weekend reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and the new Bujold fantasy (Sharing Knife: Legacy), of the 2 the Bujold was by far the more satisfying. Rowlings just doesn't seem to make me care about her characters *shrug*.

Saturday morning was taken up with our first training session with the Huscarls, they were very welcoming and much fun was had, especially by the kids who ran around like mad things beating each other up with rubber swords. We joined up officially and plan on getting involved in all the stuff they do...so now we need authentic dark ages costumes, including shoes :P

I regained some (1.5kg) of the big loss from last week, but not all of it! So I'm ok with that. Let's see what I can do this week now that I'm no longer able to use being sick as an excuse ;-)

Time to get the middle child off to her tap and jazz lessons and then get the boys to do their homework and reading while I do some serious cooking. We're having homemade pizza tonight and I'm cooking up a big batch of vegetable and barley soup as well - healthy comfort food! mmmmmm :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Time passes...

...and here we are several months later.

And here I am having gone pretty much nowhere in the weight loss stakes in the meantime *le sigh*. I've had a miserable few months, I worked out that during the 10 weeks of the last school term I was well for a grand total of one and a half weeks, I spent most of the school holidays still fighting off the last of the most recent cold and then topped that off by spending the weekend just gone with a gastric bug that had me pretty much bed-ridden for 2 days. If there are any microbes out there with which I haven't yet become acquainted, I will not only be very surprised but very pissed off as well. No more being sick - hear that world? I won't stand for it I tell you!

In more cheery news I am now the proud owner of a longbow, arrows and quiver, thus fulfilling a long time ambition (I was so Robin Hood for many years after seeing the movie at the tender age of 4). I also have a very nice replica Viking dagger and Adam is reveling in his oh so shiny drinking horn. Why and where did we acquire these peculiar things? Because we NEEDED them and at Abbey Medieval Tournament, of course, what a silly question. We went to Brisbane for the second Browncoat Brisvegas shindig and, having had much fun at Winterfest the previous weekend, took the opportunity to spend a day at the largest medieval fair in Australia. Apparently we had so much fun and got so much good stuff that all the Browncoats will be going along with us next year LOL.

There really should be pics here to show of the awesomeness of the aforementioned stuff but I'm not that organised at the moment so that'll have to wait till later.

Tonight Tom insisted that we were having a pyjama party. I have no idea why this was, but the decree was made and for some reason Adam and I caved and played along. Adam hid freddo frogs for a treasure hunt, I bought party food (mini pizzas, hot dogs, pies and sausage rolls) and a new DVD (Flushed Away) and we all sat in the loungeroom together and ate dinner in front of the movie. There was treasure hunting and hide-and-seek after dinner and all the kids went to bed well satisfied with their lot in life. It was really rather fun and Tom was making us majorly "ded of cute" with his instructions about how the evening was to proceed.

So there you have it, I'm still around, life goes on, and I'm so owning the 2.2kg loss I managed this week even though there was the whole being violently ill thing to consider :P