Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Weigh-in week ummm....

I think I'll call this week 2. I hit the highest weight I've been, since starting back in Feb '06, on Aug 14, but since then it feels like I've finally come out of some kind of fog and have re-committed to getting on with things. So, week 2 and I have a loss of 2.1kg to report, with which I am rather pleased. I tracked every day for the first time in months, I drank my water and I did a few walks plus a very energetic session of bowling and hey, guess what? It works! Who'd've thunk it?

Bought myself a new watch today as the old one needed a new battery, pressure testing AND repairs to the winder so in the end it was almost certainly cheaper to get a new one.

Still not getting enough sleep, need to keep working on that one.

Friday, August 24, 2007


Can't have Jack feeling left out. Here we see his determination to fit a lot of cat into a smallish box...
I has a box...

Almost there...

Ahhh. Head in. Comfy now.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cat on tum.

Samantha, trying her best to prevent me using the keyboard. She stands on my tummy and kneads my shoulder. There's claws with a vengeance. Ow.
This post brought to you via extremely slow one-handed typing.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Two steps back, one step forward.

Last week I gained 1.7kg. This week I lost 0.7kg. *sigh* I really need to track properly, it's the only thing that works for me and I can't seem to make myself pick up a pen and do it. Adam and I were talking last night about our need to get moving on the health and fitness front, we keep promising each other that we're going to stop talking and start doing so hopefully we can work together on this and keep each other on track. I did the meal plan for the week yesterday and all the shopping is done so there's no excuse for not cooking decent meals and I have all my lunches and afternoon teas planned too, all I have to do is stick to it.

We've got back to using the budgeting software this week too, must be time for our annual get-our-lives-under-control drive. It feels so damn good when everything comes together and the chaos starts to recede, I'm determined to make it last this time round. No more dropping the bundle and letting things get on top of me anymore. I cleared out my FlyLady email folder yesterday, going to start at the beginning again with the proverbial baby-steps. This week's zone is the main bedroom and next months habit is the before bed routine - perfect timing for getting Adam and I on track to get enough sleep for a change. I reckon sleep deprivation is our biggest problem, we both go to bed waaay too late and then drag ourselves around in a fog the next day only to repeat the idiocy the next night. So, 10:00pm lights out is the aim, I think I'll start with 11:30pm and wind it back slowly from there, otherwise we'll be lying in bed with our body clocks convinced we've gone to bed 3 hours earlier than normal :P

I was going to finish with "wish me luck" but it's not really luck that's needed here, so instead I'll say wish me determination...and non-feral children...okay, might need a little luck in there as well ;-)

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The walking is paying off!

I lost 0.6kg this week and I finally feel like I'm really starting to get somewhere again, it feels good :)

I had my first go at training with the Huscarls on the weekend, using a shield to defend against a spear attack, it's hard work! Fun though. I didn't think I'd be very much interested in the combat side of things but I can see how it could draw you in. Adam has finished making a pair of shoes for Caitlin and is working on a pair of boots for David, when they're done I'll post a pic.

Conversation overheard between two Year 1 kids as they walked through the rain on Friday:
"It doesn't hurt you if it's only sprinkling, you won't die."
"You won't die even if it's not just sprinkling"
The earnest tone of the initial observation and the thoughtfully agreeing reply were priceless. I could just hear mum saying "For goodness sake, it's just water, it won't kill you!"

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Owwww, my feet hurt!

I started my "walk the kids to school" campaign this week...again:P It takes about 25mins to get there and just over 15mins for me to get home again and I've decided we'll be walking even if I have somewhere to be first thing. So on Tuesday, instead of dropping the kids off and driving straight the shops with half an hour to spare before Weight Watchers, I did the walk, got home, changed my clothes, did some laundry, packed the dishwasher and made it to the meeting with 30 seconds to spare. I had a loss of 0.3kg which, to be honest, I wasn't expecting (need to get back to tracking).

Today I was rostered on to do reading groups in my youngest's class at 9:30 and then Canteen duty at 11:00 so there was another quick change from trackpants to jeans after the walk and back I went to the school! What with all the walking on concrete paths - particularly the steep downhill bit, my poor knees - and being on my feet most of the day at the school and most of the afternoon cooking up beef goulash and apple crumble for dinner tonight I've got ouchy bits all over. Oh for a bath big enough to be worth getting into!