Thursday, May 11, 2006

So far so good

Yep, all is going according to plan! Tuesday and Wednesday were spot on for points and on Wednesday I embarked on a mighty struggle with myself to actually get up off my bum and exercise. I got dressed in my walking clothes before taking the kids to school with the intention of coming home and walking straight away...3 hours later I was finally on the treadmill :P It was a tough battle but I WON! :) I then surprised myself later in the day by doing about 40 minutes of the Weight Watchers Exercise Success DVD and a second walking session - it never rains but it pours.

I also had the rather wonderful experience yesterday afternoon of having David take it upon himself to help his sister with her maths homework while I was doing the exercise DVD. The really cool bit was that he was doing a fantastic job of explaining it to her and was actually helping her work things out for herself rather than just telling her the answer :D Sometimes I quite like my kids!

Today I have shined my sink and dealt with Mt Washmore so all round I'm feeling pretty good about life (thanks are due to my mum who helped out with the housework - best mum ever).

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Em said...

Hi Mim

Firstly thanx for your lovely comments on my blog about reaching my goal....please dont be a stranger now though ok as I still need support and I want to be around when you say IVE REACHED GOAL .... Glad your week is going to plan and have a great weekend...Mt Washmore lol I love it lol.