Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Firefly Christmas

With apologies to Clement C. Moore

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the boat
Not a person was stirring, not even a 'coat
The stockings were hung by the engine with care
In hopes that St Nicholas soon would be there

The Tams were tucked up asleep in their beds
While visions of hodgeberries danced in their heads
And Mal in his bonnet and Jayne in his hat
Had just settled down for a long winter's nap

When up on the bridge there arose such a clatter
That Wash lept from his bed to see what was the matter
He ran to his chair and flicked all three switches
Checked out the cortex and did up his britches.

The stars were obscured but the engine did glow
And lit up the scene both above and below
There, what to his wondering eyes should appear
But a fleet of guild shuttles, all drifting quite near.

With eyes wide in wonder and grabbing the stick,
Wash called up the cap’n and Zoe real quick,
Serenity slowed and crew to the bridge came,
Jayne whistled, Kaylee grinned, ‘Nara called them by name!

Ooo! Rachel, and Tina, and Cory and Stephen!
There’s Rowan and Tara, Joe, Amy and Karen!
To the airlocks! To the cargo bay! Open the door!
Now wake up the preacher! We need victuals and more!

With the grace of companions the shuttles drew nigh,
And the crew with great care brought the travellers inside,
So up to the dinning-room the revellers all went,
With strawberries and rosemary the guild-house had sent.

And then, in a twinkling, they heard down the hall,
A prancing and dancing of someone not tall,
As they came to the table and gathered around,
In danced River, hair flying, with a skip and a bound.

Simon came next, shirtless and barefoot,
And his hair was all tousled, though not bad as Book’s,
The preacher had whipped up a veritable feast,
Mystery soup, protein cake and something from yeast.

Their eyes – how they twinkled! Their tummies did rumble!
They fell to their feasting while Book prayed a mumble.
Jokes flew, stories shared, eyes beckoned, hands wandered,
Where would this all end, in whose bed!? Kaylee pondered.

Zoe reclined, wrapped in Wash’s strong arm,
The warrior woman in a place safe from harm.
Mal quizzed Tina on bibles and broke out the best booze,
He drank to his memories, then accidentally snoozed

Jayne poured out the Blue Sun and passed to the left,
Leaving Mal, on his right, feeling somewhat bereft,
Simon swigged from the bottle and fell to the ground,
River stood on the railing, while Kaylee spun round,

In a dress all of ruffles, she knelt by Simon’s side,
And whispered suggestions of where they could hide.
The guild members smiled secrets, and elegant pleasures,
The crew chose companions after taking their measure.

Inara stood up with a glass in her hand,
And called upon all of the company to stand.
“A toast!” She proclaimed, “To the Browncoat’s great might,
Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!”


Anonymous said...

That is a thing of beauty Mim!

I'm going to have to print it out and put it next to my tree!!

Chocky would have loved it too babe!

luvs nix

Anonymous said...

That's staggeringly well written. Thanks so much... we Browncoats just keep going don't we. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that, Mim! And merry gorram christmas. Good luck on the weight loss, too. I'm right there with you.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful poem, Mim. There was a link posted to it at Whedonesque. The thought of the crew meeting a companion fleet at Christmas seems perfect! That's what most of them desperately need! :) Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Thanks for taking the time from your sure to be busy schedule and sharing it with the "Whedonverse"!
And keep with the losing of weight thing! I am 20 kilos and counting myself:)

Anonymous said...

aaahhhh!!! That was so nice.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Nicely done. Encore, encore!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, Mim - well done! It put a big grin on my face this morning, thanks to nixygirl posting it on WHEDONesque!

Happy Holiday wishes to you and your crew!

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much!!!

I love to link my favorite ship and my favorite holiday together.

Anonymous said...

That was so cool! Thanks for posting it (I found it via Whedonesque)... can I read it on my podcast (Strangely Literal)?

mimbles said...

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments :) I'm glad you enjoyed it!

supcomtabz - Yeah, go for it, poetry should be read aloud ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for letting me post this at fireflyholidays!

It was so gorram adorable! Just perfect for this week!


Anonymous said...

I came to this via fireflyholidays - it's just great!! I love your rhymes :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this wonderful version of a Christmas song. I just have to post it on my LJ.

Anonymous said...

The episode of Strangely Literal is up with your poem. I hope you enjoy!


Rivrdog said...

Well, as long as we are, ahem, "modifying" the classic carols, allow me to present "The Oregon Rain Carol", sung to the tune of "God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen"

"God rust ye Oregonians
Let no sun come your way.
Keep praying to the gods of Rain:
Bring clouds here evr'y day.
To save us all from skin cancer
We need those skies of gray,


Oh, Tidings of drizzle and of rain
Drizzle and rain
Oh Tidings of drizzle and of rain

Written while on a lonely Christmas Day midnight patrol in the holiday-lit suburbs of Portland, Oregon, USA in the Year of Our Lord 1985.

Anonymous said...

This is for you!

Anonymous said...

I'm Jewish and I think that poem is gorram shiny!!!

C. Beth said...

That is awesome! Nice job! (Saw it linked at Liz' blog.)

Karen M. Peterson said...

This is fantastic!

Stopping by from Liz's blog and deeply impressed!

Eternal Lizdom said...

I'm going to share this on Facebook to make sure my husband and his nerd friends get to see this and appreciate it, Mim!!