Saturday, October 06, 2007

First design effort

I bought myself a whole bunch of jewelry making stuff and had a play around with it yesterday. The kids made necklaces too, crafty fun all round!

Not sure what I think of this. How about you lot give me your verdict?

David took this pic for me.

And this one was done with my webcam.


Ariane said...

I like it, sits nicely, and suits you. Very impressive and a first effort!

BTW, all good for 19th Jan.

Mel said...

These are great. I've made a bunch of bracelets but no necklaces. Isn't it fun. Struggling with the weight loss thing these past couple of weeks - back to the straight and narrow now! You are doing really well - you can do this!

Megan said...

looks good - love the browny tone.

ZuckerBaby said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! Well done!

Who Me? said...

That looks really pretty.

Please show us any more that you make :)

My eldest would love making've given me an idea! Thanks!