Thursday, March 27, 2008

There's something fishy going on around here

Yellow and blue fish
"Swim, swim, swim, swim...this would work better if there was some water involved."

Fish face
"Oooo! Who's that I see?"

Two fish
"Hello my little green look distressed..."

Broken fin
"Half my dorsal fin broke off, it's tragic I tell you!"

Black cat
Black cat being inscrutable.

Freaky black cat
Black cat looking freaky. I wish I'd given him red eyes instead....

Beads with layering
Beads with layered dots from last week.


ozFinn said...

Pictures AND a story... Aren't we lucky!

mimbles said...

Just doing my bit to relieve your boredom at work :P

yodaobi said...

I LOVE your fish!
Sooooo cool!


William's doing fish faces at them.
Keep up the great work
One day you might be a famous glass sclupturerer and I can tell people I knew you when you were an amature!

aussiehen said...

Gorgeous! just gorgeous. I wish I was half as talented but then I think I'd only make stuff for me and then where would I be?
Although they'd make great Chrissy presents.

Adam said...

The fish are fantasic! Actually they look a bit like the slugs from washed away.
Im not sure about the story it seems a little forced....

The cat however is freaking me out it looks possessed.