Wednesday, March 02, 2011

When needs must

This evening Caitlin, Tom and I were sitting on the 2 seater lounge together watching TV (Adam Hills in Gordon Street Tonight), Adam was sitting on the other lounge, the 3 seater one, all by himself.

Clara began by walking restlessly around the lounge room, she barked at invisible people in the cul-de-sac and was yelled at to keep quiet, she looked pathetically at the kids, she stood in front of Adam and growled pointedly. He offered her the rest of the lounge on which he was sitting but apparently his growl translation circuit was broken, that wasn't what she wanted. I can only presume she was trying to get him to evict the kids for her because when I said to her "Do you want to get up here?" this is what happened.

I ended up with a great gangling lump of a dog on my lap.

Lap dog?

And then I got kisses.


Mmm, tasty!

Lookit that tongue!

And we settled in to watch the rest of the show.


She looks a bit peeved doesn't she? Clearly she feels that the kids have no right to be usurping her spot on the lounge, but when there's no alternative one does whatever is necessary to get close to Mum!


Jen D said...

We gave up and gave Phoebe her own couch. She always gets miffed if we have visitors and we have to sit on it with her - I would never subject visitors to the dog's couch! That does mean she's not allowed on our couch except for in very special circumstances, however.

Penny said...

ha ha! She is a cute sook - I can't say "little" sook but.

cat said...

Just look at that sweet puppy.

Frances said...

SO CUTE. This is making me so puppy clucky...

Claudya Martinez said...

It seems to me you are in high demand.

Mindy said...

Just gorgeous. That is quite a lot of dog to be nursing, but I'm guessing you know that.