Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Joss Whedon's Equality Now Speech

Equality Now has made available a download of Joss' speech at an event during which the organisation honored him "for his outstanding contribution to gender equality in film and television." The link leads to a YouTube upload to save EN's bandwidth.

Click here

I came across this on Whedonesque, thanks to Equality Now for making the footage available and to those who have been posting about it.


stevierose said...

your blog is very interesting!
you are doing so well, the losses are happening, if they dont happen one week, dont get dissapointed, any loss in a month is an achievement towards our final goal

we will get there eventually...how we get there is what counts, our efforts, ups and downs etc are all part of the learning we need to move on to the next step....lets just hope there are more positve steps : )

Trisca said...

Hey Mim..

Sorry to hear about the scales last week giving you such an awful reading. :-( Really hope this week is better and the loss makes up for last week.

We're having a get together of Sydney people on 29 July (I think it's the 29th!) and really hope that you can make it. It's at the Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club in West Ryde - pretty close to you considering you're in Wahroonga! Lorries has chosen the venue and there's a few people going. Look out for the thread on it soon on the 30kg+ board on WW - would be really wonderful to see you there.

Trisca.. xo