Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Week 17 weigh-in

I've had an awesomely good long weekend. Saturday we did a big cleaning blitz on the house and I can now walk into my kids' rooms without falling over things. Went bowling with the Browncoats on Sunday night and I even won one game (just :P) and yesterday I cooked a birthday dinner for my mum - vegetable and barley soup, spaghetti marinara and gelato to finish.

The sun is shining, life is good and I just recorded a loss of 3.5kg for the week.

OMG!!! Doing the happy dance am I :D Guess that's what happens when you do things right for a change LOL.

Exercise this week:
Tues: nil
Wed: WW Move DVD workout twice
Thurs: nil
Fri: nil
Sat: 50min treadmill 4.8km, 45min treadmill 3.9km
Sun: nil
Mon: nil


Jami said...

3.5kgs!!! Wow - you rock!! :-D

Ariane said...

That is amazing. Been thinking of you and thought I should check out how you were going. Fantastic!