Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Tonight I am the tooth fairy

I'm under strict instructions from Tom who has just lost his 3rd tooth. For some reason it is the source of great glee to him that the tooth fairy is his mother while at the same time he seems convinced that I have no idea how to play the role.*

He tells me he plans on sleeping all night without waking up once and while he is asleep I am to creep quietly into his room and take the tooth from it's chinese tea cup full of water and put it in a safe place. He asked me what I do with the teeth I take and I said I usually throw them out which pleased him not at all. Interestingly enough he doesn't seem to have an opinion about what should be left in its place, my going rate is $1 for an incisor so $1 it is.

Adam suggested I wear some wings and Tom chimed in with requests for a wand and tiara to be part of the costume. I have declined because I am boring. Now excuse me while I go collect my ladder and pliers.

*There may be some validity to his concern, the tooth fairy is notorious for being several days late in this house.


Ariane said...

You mean you have no castle full of tooth cabinets? Unbelievable!

Perhaps you should tell him you keep them all in a securely locked chest so that you can perform unspeakable acts of magic with them later.

Shrinking Tardie said...

I think your tooth fairy and mine are either related or trained under the same supreme tooth fairy. My older daughter actually fired her tooth fairy with a very official looking letter and requested a new one!

mimbles said...

Nat, that made both me and Adam laugh, she sounds like good fun your kid :)