Monday, November 12, 2007

DIY Munchkin cards

This afternoon the kids decided to make their own Munchkin cards. This is one of Tom's creations - a Level 20 Tooth Fairy, if you defeat it you get 4 treasures and go up 3 levels, but should you lose the fight the bad stuff that happens is "pulls out your teeth, lose a level".

If you're trying to remember why this seems vaguely familiar it'll be because you've read Hogfather.


yodaobi said...
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yodaobi said...

That's soooooooo cute!

We're big munchkin fans too.

We were contemplating making our own Starwars munchkin cards but ran out of motivation.
OOOOh serenity munchkin cards tho......

Have you seen hogfather?
I really enjoyed it.... although I'm not sure if they got Teatime right.

Mim said...

Munchkin in the 'verse! All you'd have to do would be combine Star Munchkin with The Good, The Bad and the Munchkin and then issue a special edition with the requisite cards - perfect! Or it would be except for the large number of aliens in the Star Munchkin game ;-)

Have you come across BWAH! the fan-made Firefly card game? It plays quite well.

And yes, we've seen Hogfather. Not bad, I thought :)

yodaobi said...

OOOH very cool
Can't wait to play!

I'm totally printing up a copy this weekend for James's christmas box.

It's got me thinking... Maybe there are buffy related games out there too... NOT just the screeeeds of tacky vamp on vamp fan fiction...

I also copied and emailed the home made munchkin picture because it's sooo cute!