Monday, November 19, 2007

I is ded of cute

The time is 10:00pm. We've already done 3 rounds of goodnight hugs and kisses. Tom had a nap this afternoon so he's really not that tired tonight.

A small voice calls from down the hall "Muuuum..."


"I'm very huggable..."

He's right, he IS very huggable.


Megan said...

that is very cute :)

Di said...

oh that's just adorable! lol
glad to hear that they are enjoying the Wii! have you hooked it up to your wifi connection yet? once you do, you can download old Nintendo 64 games to play on it! Most of them need a different controller though which is a bit of a shame cos I was sooo looking forward to playing Mario Kart! :D
Here's hoping they keep the wriststrap tight!

yodaobi said...

Liam's huggy too
He comes up to me and says
aaaw I want to go downstairs to the creche just for another one.

Better than chocolate cake