Saturday, November 17, 2007

In which my car gets a good workout

Trips today up the super steep hill at the bottom of which we live:
1. Caitlin to dance dress rehearsal at 8:30am
2. Me to dress rehearsal to change her hair do at 9:30am
3. Back to pick up from dress rehearsal at 11:00am
4. Caitlin to dress rehearsal again at 2:30pm
5. Me to shops at 3:00pm
6. Final pick up from dress rehearsal at 3:30pm
7. Take David's friend home at 4:00pm
8. Up to the school to help set up for the P&C social tonight at 5:00pm
And last but not least
9. Back to the school for said social at 7:15pm

I'm off to eat dinner, shower and dress and I have 50 minutes to do so!


suze2000 said...

Yet another reason why cats are way easier! :)

I see you had a good time at the social, good for you! :)

Mim said...

I did indeed! Should happen more often ;-)