Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Introduction time

Meet Clara.

She brought one of her toys with her when she came to live with us.


She's pretty keen to have people play with her (note slightly blurred tip of the tail, there's some high speed wagging happening here).

Let's play

This afternoon I bought her a new toy, she's not so keen to share that one.

New toy

Nope, really not letting go.

Not letting go

But it's still kind of fun to have playmates.

I was up at 6:30 this morning for walkies and the kids were out in the yard after breakfast running around with her, then back there again this afternoon. I'm thinking this is going to be pretty good for all of us!

Welcome to the family Clara.


Jay said...

Clara looks a lot like one of ours. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I love Staffies. They are the most wonderful dog, temperament-wise. My nephew has one and I just love him to bits. And I just love the way they grin at you. She will no doubt think the house should be hers too if you let her. We overcame that by giving Boss a rug of his own under the telly where it's warm. He soon learn that the rug was his place not the sofa. Mind you, he also liked to sneak into bedrooms and get into people's beds when it was a little cold, so watch out for that trick as well!!

yodaobi said...


I just turned two for about three minutes there.


Ariane said...

Hehe. She looks gorgeous. Can't wait to meet her in person!

aussiehen said...

She's just gorgeous and it's lovely to see just how much pleasure your munchkins get from her and how much Clara's enjoying herself