Wednesday, October 15, 2008


It was kind of hard to get out of bed this morning, Adam and I slept in but we managed to get the kids dressed, fed, packed for school and out the door with just enough time to make it to school before the bell. I popped in to the school office to drop some keys off and have a chat to a couple of people, then took Clara to the dog park where she had a wonderful time chasing, being chased and wrestling with Gem (a lovely 1 year old bitzer who has some staffy in her along with who knows what else).

What was missing from all this was breakfast. So I came home and cooked myself some brunch.


English muffins with baby spinach, low fat cheese slices, grilled tomato, egg and bacon. 'Twas good.

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Sophie in the Moonlight said...

Here via MPJ to check out the Quiz, but I must say that your photo is Yu-u-u-mmy. Now I have a craving.

Lovely to meet you.

P.S. I love your bit up top, "they won't give me two at once you know."