Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tom the poet

A Poem About Spring

Birds sing
Flowers spring
Trees growing
Animals awakening
Water warming
New life blooming

by Tom aged 7 yrs

(This was an optional part of this week's homework. Tom never does the optional bits but he was inspired this time - he's a big fan of Spring.)


Ariane said...

I particularly like the rainbow colours. Everyone knows spring is all about colour.

Did I tell you Ben did his speech on spring by taking a tennis ball and a yellow sparkly ball and explaining the earth going round the sun with the tilt and all?

mimbles said...

There was much thought put into the colour choices :-)

No, you hadn't mentioned Ben's talk. Is it odd to be super proud of the geekiness of someone else's kid? I love it!

Ariane said...

Heh. Much like my intense pleasure every time I see Dave in a Think Geek T-shirt. You know, apart from how they really suit him. :)

Dina said...

Beautiful! I'm jealous that you guys are in Spring and approaching summer. We're going to be doing Autumn and winter soon....not my favorite times.

Penny said...

I too am a great fan of spring :)

Susan said...

They have *optional* homework?

A lovely poem. :) He is a boy after my own heart - Spring is the best season!

Anonymous said...

Well done Tom. Spring is my favourite season.

Candy said...

Good job, Tom. You are a young man of many talents!

Mel said...

I like Tom's poem. He is a poet.