Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hamlet: The Macro Summary

What more could one ask for than Patrick Stewart and David Tennant in a performance of Shakespeare's Hamlet?

The macro version of course!

What's that you say Capt Picard, sir?

And sherlockiangirl did!

Go now, yes right now, and enjoy the very fabulous Hamlet: The Macro Version


tattytiara said...

The only thing that could be cooler would be if Shakespeare had actually written episodes of Star Trek.

Anonymous said...

I have this open on a tab and flip back to it every once in a while for a giggle. It's been open since Wed or Thurs and I still giggle every time. It is made of awesome. :D

mimbles said...

You were one of the several people I've seen link to it recently :-) It's a thing of beauty is it not?!