Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's been a while

Today I stood here at my very own, doesn't have to be cleared up for anything or anyone else, new workbench in the garage.

Pottery and glassworking bench

I got out some of these:

Glass rods

Turned on this:

Lampworking torch

And made some glass beads for the first time in almost a year. It took me 90 minutes to make just 4 beads and my technique is rusty at best.

Glass beads on stainless steel mandrels

But now that I have a permanent work space I'm hoping to start turning out more pretties on a regular basis and also to get on with making some reproductions of period beads for our reenacting.


Ariane said...

Heeee! I love these beads. Looking forward to seeing them roll out. :)

suze2000 said...

I wish *I* had a proper craft space. *sigh* maybe in our next house.

Penny said...

Wow! You are so clever! And worthy of respect especially since you're the one with the blow torch in hand ;P

Hi from Ruth! said...

I'd love it if sometime you could describe just how you made those. I can't imagine being able to make something like that out of GLASS, but they're beautiful. I'm in total awe of your creativity Mim!


Anonymous said...

Excellent Mim, a place just for you. I guess we watch this space, for the results of your creativity!

Penthe said...

I like the beads very much, and although I already have a high opinion of you and your many activities, my respect just sky-rocketed when I saw that blowtorch. As junior would say, 'that is the coolest thing evah'.

mimbles said...

The blow torch does rather fill me with unholy glee :-)

Maybe I'll get someone to video me making a bead sometime.

cat said...

What an incredible skill to have. They are beautiful.