Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Week 10 weigh-in.

Right, that's it, I'm officially over school holidays. Took the kids with me to the WW meeting this morning and they were angelic, then we went clothes and grocery shopping and they were hideous. They're now playing in a perfectly normal and happy fashion and it's driving me demented - I just don't cope with the noise level :( And Tom wants me to get off my PC so he can play on the ABC for Kids website because David won't let him use his PC, even though Dave's not using it himself.

*deep breath*

*count to 10*

I only lost 0.2kg this week, which is, really, it's good...oh bugger it, I confess, there's all sorts of rationalisation going on for me to get to the "that's OK" position :P
  • made the switch to winter shoes (am tempted to compare their weight with that of the shoes I wore last week).
  • drank a cup of tea with breakfast which I don't usually do on weigh-in day.
  • drank less water all week because of the cooler weather, my rings seem tighter so I think there's a bit of fluid hanging about.
If I'm being really honest though I know it's because I ate a bit more and exercised a bit less and it serves me right, I'm just grateful it wasn't a gain!

Exercise this week:
Tues: nil
Wed: 50min (20min @ 7 incline) treadmill 4.6km, 15min abs
Thurs: 50min treadmill 4.7km
Fri: 97min treadmill 8.5km
Sat: nil
Sun: 50min (20@7inc) treadmill 4.8km, 30min weights upper body, 15min abs
Mon: nil


little sister said...

Thanks for leaving a comment, now that i know someone is reading i might have to make a bit of an effort!!HA HA!! You know .2 loss is still great! I did weight watchers a few years back and lost 9 kilos in eight weeks.(just couldn't afford to keep going) Piled it all back on quite quickly because i still wasn't set in a good routine.Just cause i failed doesn't meen i can't try again hey!! Good luck.

little sister said...

Me again, how did you get the tracker at the top of your page? i clicked on it and went and made one, but i don't know what to do next.

cadillac said...

lady you are kicking arse!

and look at all that exercise... don't worry about the smaller loss. if you do then that means i have to also!

you are doing wonderfully! keep it up.


Anonymous said...

Any loss is a good thing and I think it means that your metabolism is working at using up the stored goodies and it is allllll good.
Super shiny frelling congratulations.
I had some tremendous success on WW in 2003 and I was able to stick to the maintenace plan for over 18months. Not been o good recently but I am certainly inspired by your efforts.
Mim on the Rim

Jami said...

I know what you mean, the week I lost 0.2kgs I tried to be really chuffed because it was a loss but I was actually a bit bummed!

However (this is where I offer "do as I say, not as I do" advice!) - it IS a loss, you're going in the right direction & that's brilliant! Plus, you know why you didn't lose so much so all you need to do is step it up a bit. Which we both know you can do! :-D

Lisa said...

Mim, you're doing such a wonderful job. That exercise alone is something to be proud of!

I'm sure you'll be seeing some good things on the scale next week!

BTW, I share your pain about the kids trying to hijack the computer. I get all grumpy and possessive when mine does that LOL