Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Here's me , about 17 years ago and weighing aproximately goal weight. I'm looking forward to finding out what this girl looks like at age 36 (or thereabouts). She's in here somewhere, just got to let her out for the world to see :)


ZuckerBaby said...

Good to see you've always had that wonderful, occasionally wicked, smile!!

You're such a complete inspiration. I stopped going to the gym about six months ago, and I'm missing it something chronic at the moment, and you're really inspiring me to get off my arse and go back.

Mim said...

Yup, wicked, that's me!

Oh dear, if I'm actually inspiring others that means I really have to keep at it now :P

Tracey Anne said...

Ooh, you're such a cutie! You're going to be a knockout at goal.
Good luck with your walking. Keep up the great work.