Sunday, March 19, 2006

Mini Goals and Rewards

Goal - Date achieved - Weight - Reward

Join Weight Watchers - 14/2/06 - 135.1kg
5kg Bookmark (130.1kg) - 14/3/06 - 129.9kg - Deadwood Season 2 DVD for watching while on treadmill
10kg lost (125.1kg) - 11/4/06 - 124.8kg - Get hair cut and coloured
10% lost (121.6kg) - 16/5/06 - 119.5kg - new shoes
15kg lost (120.1kg) - 16/5/06 - 119.5kg - Angel Season 5 DVDs
20kg lost (115.1kg) - Big Damn Brisbane Winter Meetup 7-9 July for all OzCoats - this is the only one with a time-frame attached, I hope it's not too ambitious EDIT: Ok well, that didn't work out, I guess I don't respond well to deadlines, better think of something else...
20kg lost (115.1kg) revised reward :P - New laptop
25kg lost (110.1kg) - Infinitas shopping spree

30kg lost (105.1kg) - Buy a bike
32.5kg lost (102.6kg) HALF-WAY!!!! -
35kg lost (100.1kg) - Start horse riding again
40kg lost (95.1kg) -
45kg lost (90.1kg) -
50kg lost (85.1kg) -
55kg lost (80.1kg) -
60kg lost (75.1kg) -
Top of healthy weight range (71kg) -
Personal Goal Weight (?) -

This is obviously a work in progress - I can't decide what to reward myself with! You wouldn't think it would be that hard, would you?

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Shaz said...

You are doing so fantastically. I've just realised that we have some of the same interests. I love Angel and Buffy, and although I haven't seen Firefly (I know I'm a bad girl) I have seen Serenity and love it.

I really hope you get to goal and get to Brisbane. It's a great reward for you.