Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Week 4 weigh-in

WoooHooo! I lost another 0.8kg! That brings me to 5.2kg lost so far and if they hadn't run out I'd have got my bookmark too :P (I'll get it next week) I was so not expecting to have lost anything this week given the way the weekend went and having completely lost the plot yesterday and eating lamingtons, buttered crispbread and half a pack of rice crackers and dip (tzatziki so not as bad as it could have been) - it's a good thing I've been shopping healthy for the last few weeks, there was hardly anything binge-worthy in the house.

For the next week I'll have to really push the exercise and be very careful with my points, I don't want to have the legacy of last weekend showing up on the scales next week.

I had planned to go walking with my mum at 6:00am this morning but we both wimped out of that so I'll be on the treadmill tonight when I get back from the P&C Executive meeting.


Tracey Anne said...

WOOHOO! Way to go MIM!
Congrats on losing over 5 kilos so far! That's an awesome milestone. Yay for you. :D
Now is a really great chance to have an excellent week - points wise - to make sure your indulgences don't show up on the scales next week.
Good luck!

Em said...

That is wonderful Mim congratulations !!!!!!!!!Have a great week of exercise and eating well :)

Sue said...

Well done on a good loss.

stevierose said...

hi mim
your doing so well with your weight loss, keep up the great work xxx