Monday, February 11, 2008

Beads. Many, many beads!

My bead order from Fire Mountain arrived. When I opened the box I just had to take a photo before unpacking further.

Awww :)


Many, many beads! (Samantha wanted to sit on them)

I made a necklace.

And some earrings.

These ones took quite a while.

I had fun. The end.


aussiehen said...

Gorgeous! I love everything you made especially the last pair of earrings. I can't wait until I have bit more time to myself so I can get back to some crafty things.

Ariane said...

That lot should keep you busy for a while! Great results for your industry.

Lisa66 said...

Cool earrings, Mim!

ZuckerBaby said...

I love the work you're doing with the beads, Mim! *grabby hands*

yodaobi said...

OOH the square beads are very cool.

You always amaze me with the wonderful crafty things you get up to.

The craftiest thing I did lately (BESIDES last nights amazing Lamb roast mmmmmmmm) was making pom poms!

tee hee.