Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hopefully the kids will buy them

I've been making a whole bunch of earrings for the craft group at the kids' school as my contribution to the Mothers Day stall that's run each year as a fundraiser for the P&C. We haven't had jewellery on the stall before so I think it'll make a nice change from endless bookmarks, mugs filled with chocolates, crocheted soap covers and the like. I figure the trick is to make them appealing to the kids while still being wearable for the mums, we'll see how they go. (If they sell well I reckon I can count it as another 2008 goal ticked off)

Mothers day stall earrings

Click on the thumbnail pics below for close-ups of this lot

Hearts and stars earrings Millefiori earrings Shell and blue glass earrings Cultured pearl and swarovski crystal earrings

I forgot to photograph the next lot till late in the afternoon and the light wasn't as good, but you get the idea, pinks, whites, pale green and hearts and stars - the kindy kids should love 'em.

Catseye hearts and stars earrings

Oh, and I seem to have finally figured out how to get decent close-up pics from my camera so I'm all set to pick out a few pieces of jewellery and get them up for sale in my currently empty Etsy shop, just have to check up on postage rates before I start listing stuff.

We went bowling this afternoon, only managed one game as we could only get one lane and Tom won't last more than one game when we all play together - or at all for that matter. Adam and I can get through two in the time it takes for the kids to play one if we have a lane each. I bowled a pathetic 81, but so did Adam so that's ok, he did say his ego wasn't up to being beaten by his wife so I really had no choice but to hold back a little, yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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Megan said...

I could go some of the pearl ones - what a great idea!