Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas loot

I got other stuff as well but these are my geekiest gifts :-)

My Christmas Loot

(I really need to get my good camera fixed - the shutter button fell off and I've been making do with my phone and occasionally pinching Tom's or Caitlin's camera.)


Louise said...

LOL. Is an iPod a geeky thing? I've got one of those myself, although it is one of those large ones from the first generation of ipods. I still love it though and it works fine even after 3 or 4 years ;o) Have a great New Year. Oh and PS. Loved your gingerbread house!!!

mimbles said...

Heheh, not really, but it definitely scores higher on the geekiness scale than massage oil and foot lotion.

T4M said...


I love my ipod(s) - but I would love to have your stargate replica mirror - wonder were the person got it from.

Happy new year


mimbles said...

It's from QMx but mine was ordered through ThinkGeek (who don't seem to have it anymore).