Monday, March 27, 2006

Exercise Diary and Trivial Pursuits

Over the last week, in response to a challenge posted on the WW boards by Lesley aka Dim, I had planned to increase my exercise from 3 x 30 min of walking to 3 x 40 min of walking. As it happens my ambitions were too modest, here's what I actually managed:

Tues: nil
Wed: nil
Thurs: 60 min treadmill (5km, flat)
Fri: 40 min bushwalk with Mum and Tom (at 4 year-old's pace :P)
Sat: 60 min treadmill (5km, flat), 60 min weights and abs
Sun: 30 min treadmill (2.5km, incline 4), 15 min abs
Mon: 45 min walk with Mum (moderate/active), 40 min weights and abs

I was, in part, spurred on by having indulged in salt and pepper calamari and chips and a couple of beers at the pub after the Buffy trivia night at Sydney Uni. Trivia was fun, we came 3rd, we laughed a lot, and took cleavage photos, and almost but not quite sang the Fruity Oaty Bar jingle for everyone :)


cadillac said...

mim! wow! look at you go!!

but salt and pepper calimari... totally my fave. so yum! did you work out the points? let me know!

did i ever tell you that i once interviewed joss wheddon? he was nice.

i lost my buffy thing years ago, but one of my best friends is a total adict, so i keep up!

mimbles said...

Hey Caddy :)

I took a wild guess on the points for the calamari, the short answer is "too many"! I called it 14 points, it was a small serve and I only ate about half the chips. I'll find out tomorrow if I under-estimated!

How did you come to interview Joss? Tell me more! *LOL*
He's a pretty amazing guy, when he came to Sydney last September he posted on the forum inviting us to meet him for a beer at a pub in The Rocks, about 90 people turned up and he spent nearly 4 hours workin his way round the crowd and speaking to everyone. I had the gratifying experience of introducing myself to him to receive the reply "I've read you" - he'd read some of my posts on the forum and recognised my name. He has the talent of making everyone feel special :)

Em said...

That is some exercise you have done Mim ..... keep at it :)