Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Weigh-in week 14

I copped a gain of 0.7kg this week, total loss back to 7.8kg. Things should be better in the next couple of weeks with Adam not traveling so I should be back to the 10kg mark pretty quickly. There's no way I'm reaching my 15kg mini-goal by Christmas though, ah well, it's not a race and I'll get there eventually.


yodaobi said...

I'm doing the same
I think if we were in a race the two of us will be pacing each other (perhaps sitting in a taxi eating muffins!!!)
Going to be a good week this week just
Getting back to basics.

I made a LOVELY healthy dinner last night (Apart from the crackling!!!)

Lets both make this week matter!
Who cares about our silly christmas goal! This week I'm going to loose! that's it.. Just a LOSS is my goal.

Mel said...

Love your comment that it's not a race - it sure aint. I'm struggling too - having sat around the same weight for about 2 months - can't seem to pull my finger out and move it. Exercising heaps but eating too much. I remind myself I've lost 35kg but the next 10 are proving a pain! But.... it isn't a race. We'll get there!