Friday, July 25, 2008

And here was me thinking I'd never want to own an iPhone

From an article at EW - Dr Horrible: An oral history

Fillion That is my friend PJ Haarsma. I called him up and I said ''Can you make me a thing? That looks like a thing?'' Twenty minutes later he says, ''Check out this website. You can call it up on your iPhone and you have a Dr. Horrible van remote.'' At Comic-Con, I'm going to release the Website that has the Dr. Horrible van remote.

It's a lovely article full of fun stuff from Joss, Felicia, Nathan, Neil, Jed and Maurissa, go read the lot.

ETA: Dr Horrible van remote site (linked by highandrandom on Whedonesque)


Ariane said...

Well there's one Christmas present...

yodaobi said...

That's pretty cool But I'd rather make one out of glue, cardboard and glitter!