Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My treadmill is trying to escape

As I walk it creeps backwards because the floor is slightly uneven. Tonight it added to its repertoire by taking a turn to the left and attempting to break out through the back door. I'm not sure what to do about this as it's bound to get worse as I start walking faster, using the incline more and who knows maybe even running eventually. Maybe we need to chain it to the wall or something. I have visions of it as a pathetic tormented figure struggling in vain to break free from oppression, either that or it figures as an instrument of torture, take your pick....

egg and bacon muffin - 4.5pts
Tom yum soup with tuna, mushrooms and shallots - 4pts
Proscuitto wrapped pork fillet baked on a bed of red onion and apples served over baby spinach and accompanied by mashed potato, mashed sweet potato with nutmeg and steamed asparagus. Then banana and papaya with natural yoghurt for dessert - 11.5pts
milk for tea - 1pt
water crackers and cheese - 2.5pts
dried cranberries - 1pt
30 minutes 2.6km on treadmill, 20 minutes upper body workout - 4 bonus points
Total points for the day: 24.5


Di said...

Dinner sounds yumyumyum! Any chance of a receipe so I can make Brendan cook it for me? ;)

mimbles said...

I've put it in the recipe thread on SOz :)