Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Weigh-in week 6

This morning I decided that this was the week to switch to summer shoes AND to eat breakfast before going to my meeting. So with sandals on my feet and an egg and bacon muffin and cuppa tea in my tummy off I went. AND I WEIGHED IN 2.5KG DOWN!!


Total lost is now 8.2kg and my jeans keep falling down :)


Em said...

Congratulations Mim thats a fantastic result.........am really happy with you xx

Ariane said...

Woo hoo! Although falling down jeans is very irritating. I have the same problem, but for the opposite reason. :)

Adam said...

Speaking as someone who has an interest in your jeans falling down, all i can say is whoot! Hot damn :-)

Mim said...

Dearest, you are so predictable :P