Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pretty raindrops (and spider pic)

*Warning - post contains a photo of a fairly large spider*

I almost walked into this going down the front path this morning. It's been there, right on the edge of the path for about a week now, sometimes just a little too far over and whoever is first out the door of a morning cops a face full of web. At least it was easy to see today.

Pretty raindrops.

Spiderweb in the rain

Here's the owner.

The owner


Anonymous said...

Oh, how beautiful. It is rather lovely and rainy today, isn't it?

Nicole said...

Aww, wee golden orb dude! That looks like a sweet setup :) Lovely pics! Glad it's not just us that's soggy with rain.

Eternal Lizdom said...

Totally could have done withOUT the spider. But the web and dewdrops- lovely.

Reminds me of the movie Tinkerbell... dew drops, don't drops. teehee!

Penny said...

Very pretty :)

Spidey has lovely stripes.

yodaobi said...

I remember admiring the Golden Orbs when visiting the botanical gardens there in lovely Sydney.

I'm not sure if it was those or another GIANT spider that made some of the webs I saw. Some were literally the size of a single bed!!!!

Makes me happy to be a kiwi. No Big spiders here, or snakes or Crocs

Joanie said...

Great spider web and one big ass spider!

Louise said...

I loved the pic of the web with the raindrops, but am almost crying with fear because of the spider-pic. How do you survive down there? Remind me NEVER to go to Sydney ;o) Can't believe you live around such things. Oh my. Look at me, sounding like a whiny 7 year old! I am so sorry, I just hate spiders. They are evil!!! And the bigger, the more evil ;o)

mimbles said...

LOL The thing is, that lovely lady is neither particularly big nor terribly scary. She's doing a great job of catching flies and not bothering anyone and very kindly puts up that great big warning sign of a web saying "watch out you great lumbering biped, I'm RIGHT HERE!"

It's the redbacks hiding in the hose reel and the funnel webs lurking under garden mulch that I object to.

(Though I'm weird, so even those I find beautiful in their own way - I once kept a funnel web in a jar and fed her on cockroaches for a while. I named her Shelob and we took her to show and tell in all the kids' classes.)

Also, I totally didn't even think about the possibility of having arachnophobe readers, I'm so sorry to have caught anyone unawares!

aztec-rose said...

We have golden Orbs up in Brizvegas too. Despite being a little huntsmen phobic, I find these spiders quite delightful, except when they make thier webs inside Possums trampoline net.

Nap Mom said...

Absolutely delightful. You should turn the pic (not the spider one) into a postcard or notecard or something.

It's really lovely!

Sophie in the Moonlight said...

OMG!!! I SO did not need to see that b4 I trot off to bed.

The web was lovely.

The Owner atrocious.

I think this arachnaphobe is about to be sick

Love you, Mim.

xox -Sophie

Louise said...

Oh Mim, I am being so silly, don't ever think about NOT posting whatever pic you want.....but I do hate spiders and while we do not have gigantic spiders (nor poisonous) in Denmark, I DID grow up in the country-side where there are a ton of them creepy 8-legged monsters and to this day, my mother ADORES spiders, call them lovely ladies like you and give that old speech about them eating the flies ;o) Is that you spider-people's universal defense of those horrible things? ;o)

Redbacks. Funnel Webs? I am so grateful my English isn't good enough to know what THOSE are ;-) I s'pose I could google it though...

Take care,


mimbles said...

Louise, I didn't think you'd suffered any lasting harm :) Your comment reminded me of something I saw on a forum I used to visit where there were a couple of members who were seriously arachnophobic and horrible people would post pictures of spiders in threads with no warning. I'd hate to ambush anyone who would be really distressed!