Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to make door-knocking God-botherers run away.

Answer the door in your pjs and dressing gown with your hair doing its best Shepherd Book "Too much hair!" impression.

 Shepherd Book in the Firely episode Jaynestown.

They barely managed to hang around long enough to say "Home Bible study...?" before they bolted next door. I didn't even find out which variety they were!

I've started on the lounge room, I figure one corner at a time is the way to go. I'll try not to end up after the 4th corner with one huge pile of crap in the middle. That would be bad because then we wouldn't be able to see the TV from the lounge...

Corner the first.

Lounge room, 1st corner (before)

Aka bookshelf of bountiful dust and mountain of things I've put aside to deal with later.


Lounge room, 1st corner (after)

Unfortunately, most of the dust is still there.


Di said...

Dust is a pain! Maybe just rub the cats around the bookshelves to pick up the dust?

Dina Roberts said...

I think the bookshelf looks good.

It's so hard to deal with piles of stuff. And I find that once I get rid of one, another one begins to pop up.

It's a never-ending battle.