Tuesday, August 03, 2010



Right at this very minute I am blogging, eating dessert and playing Star Munchkin with the family. Before doing this I did my declutter of the day while Adam cooked dessert, Tom practiced his flute, David cleaned up from dinner and Caitlin got changed for bed and put her laundry on.

The Enjo and stuff cupboard

The enjo etc cupboard

and after...strangely roomy.

Where did all that space come from?

When I've finished blogging and one of the family has managed to kill enough space monsters to win the game I will be settling in to an exciting evening of doing about 5 hours work that until this afternoon I thought I had until Monday to complete. It now needs to be done by tomorrow morning.

Wish me luck, and coffee!

(I just got Squidulated and lost a level, but that's ok because I haven't got off level one yet anyway.)


Candy said...

Good luck on the work! Thank you for the inspiration to declutter. Things are looking great around your house!

cat said...

Oh you are inspiring me! Big time!