Monday, November 15, 2010

Making plans for the week ahead, anyone for craft?

Menu plan:
Monday - spag bol
Tuesday - mango chicken curry and rice
Wednesday - sushi
Thursday - homemade pizza
Friday - prosciutto wrapped pork fillet baked on red onion and apple, with mashed potato and baby spinach salad
Saturday - steak, jacket potato, corn on the cob and salad
Sunday - roast leg of lamb with baked veggies

The schedule:
Monday - at home while solar hot water is installed (unfinished due to rain), Caitlin's singing and Tom's drama lessons this arvo, Adam's mum coming for dinner.

Tuesday - 9am doctor's appt for me, squeeze in some work maybe, 2pm funeral, 6pm my singing lesson and 7:45pm a P&C meeting. Plus Adam leaving in the afternoon for a week in the UK. Err. Not sure if all this is possible.

Wednesday - 7:30am band practice for Tom, day at the office for me, Caitlin's dance concert at night.

Thursday - Nothing. And it's staying that way. (So I can clean, do grocery shopping, wash clothes...yay?)

Friday - 8am school dance practice for Caitlin, day at the office for me, nothing in the afternoon.

Saturday - outing with the kids in the morning (where/what to be determined), Caitlin's second dance concert at night.

Sunday - come hell or high water I'm making some jewellery! If anyone would like to join me for a craft afternoon you're very welcome.

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Ariane said...

I would so be there for the craft afternoon! But it's Elissa's birthday party. I hope you come through the week in one piece.