Monday, November 23, 2009

Better late than never?

Many moons ago, back in March to be precise, I participated in a blogging meme titled Want a gift from me? I was supposed to deliver those gifts within a month of posting the offer. Here we are almost 8 months later and it hasn't been done - man am I ever slack!

Time to remedy the situation I think. Alix, Mel and Marjorie, I know the gift was supposed to be a surprise but I have these super cute Christmas earrings so I'm kind of hoping that you all have pierced ears and a fondness for Christmas sparkliness, can I interest you in a pair of green or crystal Christmas tree earrings?

Christmas tree earringsChristmas tree earrings

If the Chrissy trees aren't your thing please have a look at the various earrings I've posted on Flickr and pick something that does appeal - and if your ears aren't pierced feel free to browse the bracelets too!

Finally, I'll need you to email me with your mailing address so I can actually get these things sent off to you :-)


Boozy Tooth said...

Oh Mim! I LOVE THEM - and yes, I do have pierced ears!

But which ones? Both are gorgeous! Should I leave it up to you to choose? Thank you so very much for the delightful treat. I am honored.Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I shall treasure them forever and wear them with pride.

suze2000 said...

Well, hey, if no-one's going to take you up on it, I LOVE the clear ones. ;)

I'm also shameless. Heh.

Marjorie said...

Oh!!!! I love them both--and all the rest of your jewelry. I have pierced ears, and if I didn't I would certainly pierce them to hang a Mim Creation from them...

("Slack"? No way. In fact, I challenge you to defeat me in a slacking competition! Can't be done!)

Thank you so much! Going to email you now...

Mrs4444 said...

Those are really cute! My mom would love them. Too bad I'm not crafty with beads.