Saturday, November 07, 2009


Featuring Jack in all his glorious fuzziness.

I was photographing jewellery in the last of the afternoon sun when along came a great big ball of fuzz in search of a sunny spot.

He plonked himself down right on top of my necklace

Ahhh, this is a nice sunny spot!

and stretched out to snooze.


"Excuse me!" said I, but he would not deign to acknowledge me.

Ho hum, nothing to see here

Except to deliver a withering glare and show off his whiskers.

Will you stop pointing that thing at me

A rustle in the garden - what was that?!

What was that?!

Nothing there - flop!


See what I mean about the whiskers?

You'll have to wait till tomorrow for the pictures of pretty rocks - gotta pace myself with the posting you know!


Deborah said...

He plonked himself down right on top of my necklace

Of course. There was no other available space, anywhere. He had no choice.

Anonymous said...

Ah Jack, you gorgeous fuzzy cat!

Louise said...

That is what I love about cats - their plonking down on the exact spot where you are in the middle of something :-)

yodaobi said...

both your kitties are simply adorable.

Mel said...

Yep, cats rule!

Penny said...

Yep - plonking must be done right under your nose, especially if you're working/reading/crafting. What's even better is to not-quite-finish-the-butt-cleaning and point the slightly stinky bit in the direction of owner's nose....