Sunday, November 22, 2009

Market day

We held Christmas markets at the school today.

In 40 degree heat.

(That's 104F for you non-metric types.)

I shared a stall with a friend, it was our first markets for both of us so we had no idea how it would go. Thank FSM that Simone had organised a table cloth and clever deployment of a box for our display, 'cause I completely dropped the bundle on that aspect of things.

Our stall

My first market stall

It was a bit breezy and the earring displays were exhibiting slight nautical tendencies, sailing across the table every so often. Eventually we managed to arrange and wedge them into place such that they stayed more or less put.

My end of the table

My end of the table

I'd been rather dreading being outside for 6 hours in that hideous heat and I guess I wasn't the only one who felt that way because it was really quiet.

It did get a bit busier than this...but not by much.

It was a little on the quiet side

If I was assessing the day on the basis of financial return I'd have to admit it was a bit of a write-off. But, as I got to spend my time sitting in a comfy chair, in the shade, with just enough breeze to make the heat bearable, in the company of a good friend and chatting to people we knew as they came by and admired our cool stuff, I'm willing to call it a Good Day. Of course I now have a whole heap of stuff made, photographed, priced and ready to put up for sale on-line. Watch this space!


Ariane said...

Have you got any Christmas tree earrings left? I'll take another 3 pairs off your hands if you have them (as long as one of them is green, otherwise two).

Ariane said...

Oh, and I should point out you were in our thoughts all day - I'm glad to hear it wasn't just hell on earth.

Tangled up in Blue said...

Can I put in an order for a pair of the green Christmas earrings too? I am glad it was not as hideous as it could have been.

mimbles said...

Yep, plenty of Christmas trees left - and the makings of more ready to be assembled if needed.