Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Car parks are not always concrete jungles

My new workplace is in a fairly recent development hacked out of the edge of a quite extensive area of bushland. The views from the office are rather nice and they've done a pretty good job with the landscaping, the car parks have plenty of garden beds strewn about the place.

Apparently the local wildlife have lost no time in making themselves at home, Jen tells me she often sees a couple of reptilian residents making use of the warm bitumen in the car parks.

As I was leaving this afternoon, this fellow popped out from under a car as I walked past and headed off into the garden. He seemed quite happy to hang around and have his photo taken.

Another dragon

I wanted to get a shot that showed just how big he was but of course there's nothing in shot to give a sense of scale, suffice to say he was big for a water dragon!

This was a lot of lizard


Shrinking Tardie said...

There's a thing with you and wildlife just popping up - perhaps you're the new age Harry Butler :-)


Anonymous said...

Brilliant - he is just great. Love the photos.

Dina Roberts said...

I would be so delighted to see a lizard like that. The wildlife in Australia is amazing to me.

yodaobi said...
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yodaobi said...

yodaobi said...
well the closest thing to wildlife in my inner-city carpark is the smell of fish.

I'm assuming it comes from the EOS and Dr Steve O'Shea AKA "squidman"

I had worse problems when squiddy bodyPARTS were dumped in the rubbish skip just below the library air intake when I was preggers a couple of summers ago. (BLEERRRG)

Eternal Lizdom said...

Very cool!!