Sunday, November 23, 2008


I feel a little less safe from storms after today.

Living, as we do, at the bottom of a gully, sheltered from the worst of the winds in the storms that come through this part of Sydney, I've always felt pretty safe even though we are surrounded by tress that, if they fell, would do some serious damage to the house. Earlier today we had a very brief storm hit, it wasn't particularly windy but there was some fairly heavy rain. And now we have slightly less tree than we used to.

Fallen branches

Fallen branches

Two fairly decent sized branches have come down off the Liquid Amber that dominates our front yard. I'm so glad they didn't take out the power and phone cables on the way down, or leave us with a damaged roof or deck.

You can't even tell that the tree is missing anything what with it being so big and leafy.

Liquid Amber

The only problem is that now my occasional visions of what it would be like if the whole bloody thing came down seem just that little bit more likely.


Ariane said...

That's no small twig. Good thing it landed safely. I can see how that might increase the nervous levels a wee bit.

yodaobi said...

Glad you are still alive too Mim!

Liz said...

Oh dear! Glad home and family are safe!

Dina said...


We have a lot of big storms here. It can be very nerve-wracking.