Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Questions people ask

Every now and then, when I'm futzing around doing nothing much I pull up the keyword searches that bring visitors to my blog. I'm sometimes disappointed that it's really not that interesting but then perhaps it's better not to be regarded as an expert on the matter of ugly underarms.

BBQs. Quite a number of people end up here looking for the Beefmaster bmh4cs BBQ. What they get is one of my menu plans. For the record, it's a good BBQ, we're pretty happy with it.

There's a whole bunch of folks who want to know how to fix a flyscreen, don't look at me, that one's still broken a whole year later!

My roast pumpkin and couscous salad is getting quite a few hits, I wonder if anyone ever uses the recipe. Traffic to the fruit mince pies recipe is picking up again, 'tis the season and all. For those of you looking for vegan fruit mince pies, I'll get ZB on the case and we'll get back to you ok?

Speaking of the season, my Firefly Christmas poem is still finding new readers on occasion.

The Evil League of Evil and its high achieving leader Bad Horse send an awful lot of people my way, I hope they enjoy the screen caps.

This I have no clue about: "middle age indulgences tinsel". The mind boggles.

Oh, and folks, 3 hours sleep is definitely not enough. Do you really need to ask?


Eternal Lizdom said...

I knew I liked you... but I might be falling in love!! The coucoucs recipe looks so yummy... but the love came when I discovered that you were/are also a Dr. Horrible fan!! It was true brilliance, wasn't it??

mimbles said...

Absolute genius :) I can't wait for the DVD, especially after reading tweets from Felicia Day about having fun recording the musical commentary.

Unknown said...

OMG Musical commentary.

Still waiting on the rules for your microbe game!

I'm thinking of getting some for christmas.

Have you seen the penicillin one. CUTE!!!

yodaobi said...

OOH The work computer logged me in as ME

How rude!


mimbles said...

No good asking me what the microbe game rules are, it's all far too complicated for my little brain. Besides, I suspect that, as with other games David devises, the rules change whenever he's at risk of losing.

ZuckerBaby said...

Ah yes, vegan mince pies...I knew there was something new I wanted to try for Xmas this year...*plots baking adventures*

Ariane said...

I think citrus syrup cake is starting to outweigh ugly under arms, but the latter is still consistently getting me a couple of hits a week.

The most disturbing thing is that stuff about naked kids brings lots of people. I have no doubt they are all disappointed, I just hope that some of them are looking for political opinions.

Now vegan mince pies, I'm down with that. I reckon they might actually be better. Just don't tell ZB they'll be on the table with kilos of meat.

suze2000 said...


mimbles said...

LOL, it's perfectly safe! Just goes to Ariane's post on the weirdness of google searches that lead to her blog :)