Friday, November 07, 2008

Clara wants to be chased

I was playing with Clara in the backyard this afternoon, she was doing her usual thing of trying to get me to chase her by running around me in small circles taunting me with her squeaky toy. I decided I needed to get this on video.

No doubt it's funnier in real life, plus you wouldn't have to listen to me gasping for breath because I've just spent 15 minutes chasing a dog all over the backyard, but still, there's cuteness there. I kind of mis-framed the bit of her jumping up to my shoulder height to grab the toy, must try and capture that another time, she's got quite a spring on her.


Megan said...

my boys loved that!

Linda said...

:-D That's funny! I love how she jumped to get the toy from shoulder height!

mimbles said...

Oh dear. We put the clip up on the big TV, Clara is convinced her squeaky toy is inside or possibly behind the TV. So funny! She's standing with her nose against the speaker and watching VERY intently.