Saturday, November 01, 2008

I've always wanted to be Robin Hood

I may have mentioned that particular ambition before. The reason I bring it up today is that we finally made the phone call and arranged to meet the people from Norther Archers archery club. We hopped in the car and went to the range to say hello and fill out application forms for the beginner's course. It's probable that we'll have to wait till January to actually do the course but at least we're on the waiting list.

We may still investigate other clubs as there doesn't seem to be much accommodation for the kids at Pennant Hills and I know at least one other place says they'll accept kids as young as 6.

When we were asked "Why archery?" I just had to confess to my long standing desire to be an outlaw.

One of the guys said "Didn't you want to be Maid Marian?" (Because little girls always want to be the princess that needs rescuing but never the hero?)

"Hell no, unless I can be the Maid Marian from the kids' TV show that Tony Robinson did."

He looked thoroughly confused.


Shrinking Tardie said...

I had an awesome time during Year 9 where I was let loose with a long bow. Sadly, my archery career was short circuited by an overzealous PE teacher. Apparently I was NOT being as careful as I was meant to be - so said she. It wasn't my fault some of my shots went just a 'tad' off-course.

You go amaze me.


yodaobi said...

Mim you should have TOTALLY reused your fantastic photos from the Abbey Medieval Festival. There is archery offered quite close to our place and I'd love to go do it BUT I think it's only offered on weekends. Another stink thing about working weekends.

Linda said...

Mim -- I'm using your NaBloPoMo badge, and just wanted to thank you for creating it. It is VERY fun! And I also think that somebody who wants to be Robin Hood or THAT Maid Marian is going to be a fun read, so I'm going to be peeking in as the month goes by!
Thanks again!